Corinne Neave

Holiday Property Officer

Introducing Corinne Neave.

Corinne joined the L J Hooker team in 2008 as part of the Holiday Management team and since then has spent 2 years as Business Systems Operator and currently our director of first impressions - receptionist / holiday property officer.

With 9 years experience, Corinne brings with her extensive real estate knowledge and fantastic customer service skills.

Corinne's bubbly personality and enthusiasm makes her an irreplaceable staff member and tremendous asset to the L J Hooker team.

More facts about Corinne.

Fav Colour: Orange

Hometown: Portland NSW

Fav Food: Cheesecake

Fave Song: I don't wanna miss a thing - Nerosmith

Fav Holiday Destination: Bali

Fav Celebrity: Jason Stratham

NRL Team: Rabbitos