Janice Sayer

Office / Accounts Manager

Introducing Janice Sayer.

Janice began her career at LJ Hooker in 2007 working in Holiday Management where she showed high enthusiasm, initiative and dedication.

Janice is extremely hard working, organised and prides herself of giving her best in all situations. After 6 years in holiday management, Janice was promoted to office manager where she has been a fabulous asset to the team.

In her role Janice is efficient at providing outstanding support for all staff members and the business as a whole.

Facts about Janice:

Fav Colour: Black

Hometown/Where did you grow up? Glasgow Scotland / Liverpool Sydney

Fav Food: Lobster Mornay

Fav Song: Wild Thoughts - Rhianna

Pet(s): Dog - Blue Heeler - Storm

Fav Holiday Destination? Anywhere that involves camping

Fav Celebrity? Beyonce

NRL Team: Sea Eagles